Life need to be balanced somehow leads down to what is consumed
If  there is no balance, and every thing is either always good in life or it always seems bad than life would be un balanced full of one sided events. Humans can not always feel good, if they were to always feel good would always be happy than it would be pointless to find that something that every one at some point in life feels that is missing. Guilt is not a bad thing, it just makes you realize that there is more to this life that is not being used. Humans are falling away form where they came form. Surrounded by man made things like computers, cars, heavy machines, weapons that are created to cause harm on other people (or on other life sources). When we surround our self with these man made things (dead things) we not getting the spiritual nutrition that the cerebellum needs. When we are breathing in toxins and eating un natural foods and surrounding ourselves with technology witch is keeping us away from God and the Godly things.  We don't think about vegetables and fruits and whole grain foods that are good for the body and also good for the soul and mind. The foods that are good for the body, mind and soul are the food that every one ignores because at young ages we are taught that high sugary foods are tasty and easier to swallow and there is no time in preparing the food so it's quick when ever we get a thought for food we indulge with out waiting for it. High sugary foods are going to make you feel good for a few minutes like when pop is consumed, it's sweet and bubbly and a little painful when consuming it. The sweetness form the pop makes hides the pain form consuming it so long term pop drinkers will forget about the pain after drinking it for so long. Pop is made out of chemical and a ton of sugar, and diet pop is full of even more chemicals that are called sugar free sweeteners. Pop is over used and should never been considered at dinner or at lunch.

This diet that the average fat/skinny fat American is on is killing our will power.  America feeds the people here to keep them quiet. When America's belly is full there is no room to complain about the real things in life that are effecting the way American's live.  Like Freedom how much of that do we have left? We rely on the Government too much to have any Freedom. They give us food stamps to fill the emptiness we feel in side to temporally keep our eyes closed and minds shut off to what is going on around us. With the American's mind closed there is no chance for a riot.  People are pre occupied by the television and by video games that make us feel like we are living in that reality but it does not involve moving just sitting. The body is doing nothing but sitting and the brain is collection other peoples thoughts and actions, so that there is no room for their own thoughts and actions.......... to be continued 

People look for pain          

than we are not feeding the cerebellum (the brain that the spirt lives)    sex is an art.

Writer's Block: Comped
What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Love. Peace. Freedom.
It's to bad that love and freedom and peace could never consist in a relationship. Well it could but it would be a relationship based on trust and understanding. I know that love is the most important thing in the whole wide world but because I love everyone love is not a problem for me. I treat all of my friends the same girl or guy. I can't help but want to help other people if I can it's just in my blood. My guy friends always think I like them because I am so giving and nice but it's just cause I love them not cause I wanna f** them. I have no problem telling someone if I like them in a romantic kind of way. I am not interested in being in a relationship at all right now. I wont be in a romantic relationship for at least another 6 to 8 months I bet. The next man that I let come into my life will be someone I can talk to and have a connection with instantly. I hate thinking about it so much but I do know what I want in a relationship and I want to know how i'll feel when I do get the chance to fall in love but it cant be with any one else except for mister perfect. I am not going to have any one night stand of flings of any kind any more. That stuff never made me happy it was a waist of time and emotions. I have to take baby steps to get to where I want to end up. Ever time I seep with someone I don't truly care about it depresses me. I never noticed it in tell this year after I set my spring equinox goals but having sex shouldn't be with someone your not head over heals for. I know I am picky really picky but I think the wait for my prince will be worth being a prude. Ever time I f*** up it's going to take me longer to find him. I do love being single too. I just hope I don't forget to F*** while I am being a prude. 


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